Air New Zealand pinafore dress & gold blouse

This was the first Air New Zealand uniform to be designed by a New Zealander – Vinka Lucas. The hat was also made by a New Zealander, Wynne Fallwell of Mr Wyn Originals. The uniform introduction was aligned with the introduction of the DC10. The uniform comprises of an A-Line pinafore dress. It was worn over a gold blouse with full leg-of-mutton sleeves that feature a screen printed Māori motif on the sleeve. A tailored jacket with a navy trim completes the outfit. It is complemented by a matching turquoise Breton hat and navy accessories. In winter, hostesses could wear a cape with a hood. For inflight wear, the hostesses can choose between a short and a long dress, again worn over the gold blouse. The dresses are made in navy and turquoise to allow a choice of colour. A turquoise apron trimmed with dark green was also worn on occasion. The stylised gold koru badge was introduced as part of this uniform. The multiple buttons on the blouse cuffs and on the back made the blouse impractical for the long term. It was replaced by a Nina Ricci design in 1976.


Copyright: All Rights Reserved, Image © Air New Zealand
Designer: Vinka Lucas (dress, blouse), Wynne Fallwell (hat)
Manufacturing location: Manufactured by Holeproof New Zealand, Auckland.
Garment type: Dress, blouse, cape
Material: 80% Wool, 20% polyester viscose gabardine (dress), blouse (cotton)
Colour: Turquoise, navy, gold
Label: Vinka Lucas (dress, blouse), Mr Wyn Originals (hat)
Date: 1973–1976