Tania evening gown

This evening gown, Tania, was designed by Kura Ensor in 1973. The gown was spotted in a fashion design competition by the then Minister of Tourism, Hon Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan. Whetu asked if she could take the gown to Australia as part of her promotion of New Zealand. 

The gown was paraded at the Sydney Opera House where it was seen by representatives from Vogue ParisThey took it to Paris and photos of the gown appeared in the February 1975 issue. 

Whetu described the gown as "a prize in my wardrobe". Sadly it was borrowed by two printers who wanted to study the gown. It was never returned.


Designer: Kura Ensor
Manufacturing location: Takapuna, Auckland
Garment type: Evening gown
Material: Wool
Features: A shaped caftan with one sheer sleeve and the other falling from the shoulder. One side is plain black and the other features a screenprinted kowhaiwhai motif.
Label: Gay 40s
Date: 1973