NAC lollipop uniform

In 1970 NAC, New Zealand's domestic airline, introduced a versatile flight hostess uniform, incorporating four all-season jacket dresses and a coat. Nicknamed the 'Lollipop' uniform, it was specifically designed to appeal to young people.The A-line minidresses and matching came in four colour schemes - spring green, cherry red and white trimmed with red or green. The uniform was worn with a distinctive helmet-shaped hat made by Treisters Hats, knee-high white boots or black loafers. Rank was shown on the small badges worn at the centre front of the neckline. Vertical blue bars on the badge designated the rank with a single bar for juniors and double lines for senior staff.


Credit: Text by Air New Zealand
Copyright: Photo © Air New Zealand
Garment type: Dress, coat and matching accessories
Label: Treister (hat)
Date: 1970-1976