Costume to promote grandeur

Sheridan Keith interpreted her mother June Black's 'Costume to promote grandeur' for the Intellectual Fashion Show 2016

"My costume incorporates a distressed French console table, from a period when grandeur was a distinct possibility, to form the mannequin’s legs, delighting in her slutty stance. The ballet shoes represent every little girl’s fantasy, the voluminous skirt is decorated with safety pins (a contemporary conceit in which useful objects are elevated above their purpose to provide decoration) while underneath, an 18th century Ninja breastplate will hopefully deflect the sharp arrows of criticism, for any garment that promotes grandeur invites both envy and ridicule."



Credit: Photo by Fraser Chatham
Designer: Sheridan Keith
Material: 19th century French console table, modern ballet shoes, 18th century Japanese armour breastplate, woven fabric, curtain material, gilded pukapuka leaves and safety pins
Date: 2016